Saturday, December 8, 2007

Finished and worn a while....

So, I finished mine actually about three weeks ago. I knit the 44.5 inch sweater. It is too big. Seems to be a theme for a lot of people. I saw that the model was wearing a 35" sweater and assumed I needed to knit something larger too because she is very willowy, and I liked the way it looked on her. Also, the sleeves are long. I am a towering 62 inches tall, so I automatically shorten sleeves. Still with a couple inches off the recommended length I wish they were a little shorter still.

I have worn the sweater quite a bit. I love it. The drape is nice. The overall weight is pleasant for when it is chilly. Highly recommend this sweater if you are looking for a very versatile cardigan and aren't afraid of moss stitch. :)