Saturday, September 15, 2007

It's finished!


I'm very happy with the finished sweater, though I think I'll be adding a clasp to mine (a la Bronwyn). I should have known, as open sweaters/jackets/shirts never really drape properly on my body -- the fronts just flop open and hang at the sides. Looks good here, but I don't expect the sweater to behave when I'm actually moving!

Here's a closer picture of one of the short row, three-needle bind-off shoulders (see the previous post's comments for an embarrassingly long explanation of how I did that (sorry, Holly Jo!).

I have a very long project post about this on my blog, if anyone wants all the gory details. I've got a couple other pictures over there, too.

I'm not sure I would have finished this in the time frame that I did if I didn't have this KAL for motivation and inspiration (moss stitch for an English style knitter is tedious). Thanks, everyone!


Danielle said...

It looks great! Seeing all of these finished ones makes me want to drop everything and finish mine..

Holly Jo said...

Looks absolutely fantastic! Great job. Thanks for the picture of the shoulders.

YTT said...

It looks terrific - both for itself and on you. And I was glad you addressed the issue of it hanging open - it's something that's been on my mind about this sweater, as I waffle about whether or not it is really going to look good on me when I've finished.

Bobbi said...

It looks great! congrats on finishing!

Amanda said...

Thanks, everyone!