Sunday, September 16, 2007

Waiting to begin....

I have my yarn, my Addi turbo, and wait, where's the pattern? I've been such a good girl, grading and doing work during the week, waiting until the weekend to start. I bribe myself all week, sneaking peeks at my magazine as motivation, and then I leave it on my desk. Typical.
I can't wait to begin and I hope there are still some of you working on yours by the time I get started!
I'll be using Cascade Lana D'Oro in a dark purple tweed.


Beehave said...

I have several WIPS that I *should* finish before I cast on for this project. I started my gauge swatch last night and given my current schedule, you should have no fear of foing the KAL solo!
I am using berocco ultra alpaca

Bobbi said...

oh! how frustrating!

Arctic Knitter said...

No worries - such is the life of a teacher! I've barely begun & actually had to rip back 1 inch. ARghhh - one day I'll finish. Keep plugging away!

~Heather R.