Tuesday, October 16, 2007

They won't stop rolling!

Woohoo, I've finished the right front as you can see (sorry for the poor picture quality - apparently, my camera doesn't take to nighttime pictures very well) and those edges are rolling like crazy. I'm hoping they'll flatten out once I wash the pieces, I'll keep my fingers crossed that they do. I'm starting to wish I'd made the 35 1/2 inch size rather than the 39 1/2 because despite getting gauge, I can tell it will be a little big on me. I knew it would be anyway since I have a 37 inch bust but hopefully somewhere in the blocking process, I can get it just the right size.


DonnaSews said...

Just beautiful. I just ordered the mag., looking for the right yarn.

Amanda said...

My fronts rolled very badly until I washed the sweater -- they're not bad at all now. They roll, but only slightly, similar to the pictures in IK. Hope this reassures you a bit!