Thursday, August 16, 2007

Just Found This KAL Today

So, I figured I'd join, since I started this sweater today too. I don't have any pictures to share as yet, since I'm only on row two! I do most of my knitting on the train to and from work so that's all I got done today since on row three I zoned out and messed up my ribbing of all things! I have a project I'm almost done with, so I needed another train project, and chose this one. Anyway, I am making mine from some yarn from Elann, the Peruvian Pure Alpaca in the color Sangria. It's very soft, a little hairy, but I think it will work for this sweater, it's a really pretty heathered read.

Well, that's it for my first post here. Thanks for having me.


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Bobbi said...

welcome! Can't wait to see your project.