Monday, August 20, 2007

No, there isn't a fire...

But you might see the smoke coming up from me while I'm trying to think about this rolling stst band. What if you casted on for the 18 (the number in the band) and knitted, say, 5 rows and then casted on the rest of the band and knit as normal except when you get the the 5th row (or 10th on the band) you knit the cast on edge up...hem it. Of course, throw a purl row in there so that it creases in the right place. Bad description.

I'm not as concerned about the vertical edge of the band rolling because I think that would almost give it a finished look, but I don't want the bottom to roll out.

Anonymous commented on the last entry that they were thinking of double knitting. I would like to know more about that.

Is it cheating to move onto the sleeves until a concensus has been reached on this? How is it going, Bronwyn?

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CPAKnit said...

Looks like this KAL just is really getting started. Not alot of comments overall so far. I am impressed that someone can knit this sweater (and put it together) in 11 days! Perhaps they are neglecting their housecleaning!