Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rollin', rollin', rollin'...

I've had the theme from Rawhide in my head all day. What is wrong with me?

Yes, I've started knitting the fronts of the cardigan. And that edge? Rollin'. The side edge isn't that bad, which surprises me (in a good way), but the bottom edge is really flipping-up (and not in a good way). Part of this may be because I can't leave well enough alone and started my knitting with a WS row, instead of a RS row as instructed in the pattern (I think it makes the cast-on edge look nicer). I don't know if this will block itself out once I've finished the sweater, or if I'll be figuring out some way to stop the rolling at the bottom of the fronts (the rolling at the sides doesn't bother me like I thought it would). I already have a few ideas in mind, so I'm not too worried if it comes to that.

Despite the rolling, it's really nice to have some stockinette to knit now...all moss stitch, all the time is a little tedious!


Tanya said...

You might be a little surprised how much might come out with just washing it. The reason I say is that I knitted a little dress for my niece...it had a garter edge and then miles of Stst. Well, it was rolling pretty bad where the garter met the Stst and I thought it was horrible. Then I washed AND dried it and it straightened itself out.
I've considered doing a couple (or 3) of the beginning rows in the rib pattern and then switch to the Stst. Any thoughts?

Amanda said...

Tanya, thanks for the encouragement! I took a look at Bronwyn's progress shots and compared them to her finished cardi -- it looks like her fronts flipped-up too, pre-blocking (and they look perfectly flat in the finished sweater).

I've also considered doing some ribbing before switching over to the stockinette -- my only concern is that you'd have this flat bit of ribbing that doesn't curl below the stockinette portion, which would curl inwards.

Bobbi said...

great now that song is stuck in my head too! LOL