Thursday, August 9, 2007

Mini Cardi from the stash!

Originally uploaded by The Prolific Knitter

Originally uploaded by The Prolific Knitter
I'm really enjoying knitting my Mini Cardi, in Jo Sharp Silk Road Aran. my gauge was a little large, but I did the math and am knitting the smallest size, to have it even itself out at 37-38". (which is the perfect size!)

I'm knitting mine all in one piece up to the armpit, which I am at now, so it's time to divide for the fronts and back. I expect this will be a quick knit due to the bulkier gauge. I generally knit sweaters in dk weight... these size 7s feel huge!

I have a good reason to hurry, I have the Malabrigo coming to knit the Placed Cables sweater from the same issue. I want to have a slew of new sweaters for fall! (I thought it was nice how you have a line of matching stitches where the fronts meet the back, so it looks like there's a seam, when there really isn't! Too cool!)


Bobbi said...

It looks great. I considered converting to knit as one piece, now I wish I had! :)

Octopus Knits said...

Very nice!

Jeri said...

I like the idea of eliminating the side seams. Less seams is always good in my book. Will you knit the sleeves in the round?

Arctic Knitter said...

Any advice for knitting in one piece? I avoid seaming like the plague - an all in one knit is very enticing. Thanks!