Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Rarin' to Go -- Without Yarn

I'm excited about this sweater. I love the lines, the way it fits... you name it, I think it's good (well, except the sleeve length).

I'm back in my evil dithering slump. (I'm still searching for Rogue yarn over a year after vowing to knit that sweater). I keep hoping to fall in love with something that I can knit from stash, but am not sure yet that anything I've got on hand will work (okay, some would if there were enough).
I have JUST the right amount of Katia Bufalo, but am not at all sure that it's suedey softness would work for this particular sweater. There's a wholly different sort of draping action going on there.

I plan to lengthen the sleeves. I cannot abide 3/4 sleeves, and can't imagine that these slightly shorter than that sleeves won't also drive me nuts. But I do plan to slog through the moss stitch. (Hmm... does that mean this sweater can work for the SlogAlong blog too? I'll figure that out after swatching.


Bobbi said...

hmmm,I haven't used it so I can't say. I do think the Skye Tweed I'm using is definitely more stiff than the suggested yarn.

Bronwyn said...

I'm doing the moss stitch, and I'm actually NOT slogging, believe it or not. It's simple enough to go quickly (6" of the body already done) but not boring. I might feel differently later, but I plan to finish this quickly so hopefully there will not be time to get sick of it.

(Also, the texture of the moss stitch in this yarn is incredibly gorgeous!)